Where soda's concerned, Pepsi's got pop cornered.

For decades, between shifting logos and across vending machines that decorate gas stations far and wide, the brand has managed to attract more superstars than the Super Bowl halftime show for commercials that are on par with the industry's best music videos. Between features from Janet Jackson and her brother, Michael; Britney and Christina, Pepsi's managed to — very simply — make cola cool.

Earlier today (March 4), Kendall Jenner announced she'd been tapped by the company to serve as its new model face, a distinction last held by Cindy Crawford 25 years ago. Her very first commercial, called "Live For Now," is a noticeably more political statement than Pepsi-pop spots past, but it's still as bright, bubbly and sleek as those that came before. But where does it rank in the Pepsi-pantheon?

Below, we've collected some of the most iconic Pepsi spots of all time, from Pink and Beyonce's tour of Ancient Rome to Tori Kelly's touring around town on a public transit. Check 'em out below and tell us which is your favorite in the comments.

Michael Jackson Throws a Block Party (1984):

Tina Turner And David Bowie See Sparks (1985):

Madonna Gets Church-Goers On Their Feet (1989):

Cindy Crawford Leaves The Boys Speechless (1992):

Spice Girls Go Next-Gen (1998):

Janet Jackson + Ricky Martin Ask For More (1999):

Britney Brings The Fire (2001):

Britney Travels Through Time (2001):

Beyonce's Got a Knack for Directions (2003):

Pink, Beyonce + Britney Go To War (2004):

Beyonce + Jennifer Lopez Summon The Kill Bill Warriors Inside (2005):

Mariah Carey Makes Pepsi-Sponsored Fireworks (2006):

Christina Aguilera Tours The World...in the Name of Pepsi (2006):

Justin Timberlake Hits a Wall (2008):

Nicki Minaj Gives Pepsi Its Moment (2012):

Beyonce Takes a Tour Through Her Own Timeline (2013):

Tori Kelly's a Proper Subway Crooner (2015):

Britney's Remixed, Reimagined and Still Iconic Piece Of Me Residency:

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