Sunday, May 13, is a one of the most important days of the year. It’s Mother’s Day, and you can celebrate with your mama through song. Want to tell your mom how much you love her with lyrics, especially if you aren’t exactly good with words? Well, you can, thanks to Metrolyric, which features lyrics to “mom” songs by the likes of Taylor Swift and the Spice Girls.

Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, has a brood of four at home, so this site is something her three boys could certainly make use of this site. Little Harper isn’t even a year old yet, so her big bros will have to do the work for her.

Not only can you peruse this mom-centric page for songs and facts about moms, you can dedicate and post lyrics to and for you mom directly on Facebook. Who needs a Hallmark card when you can do a digital greeting?

Head on over to the site and play around and pick your favorite lyrics and use them to write your own custom song for mom. It’s like a digital, lyrically-driven mixtape. But fair warning: You could spend a lot of time on the site since it’s comprehensive. Maybe forward the link to mom so she can celebrate herself, too? It’s a thought…


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