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Glee Creators Start College Fund for Naya Rivera’s Son

Following the tragic death of Naya Rivera, the creators of Glee have created a fund for the actress's son, Josey. (via TMZ

NBA Players Taking Coronavirus Precautions Seriously

NBA players are not playing around after the restart of their season. The NBA has set up a “snitch hotline,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Players can call the hotline and call out other players who have unwanted visitors or are not socially distancing. (via People

Famous Movie Props To Be Auctioned

Ever wanted to own the car from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood? How about Katniss' arena costume from The Hunger Games, or even Sylvester Stallone’s boxing gloves from Rocky? Prop Store will be hosting a virtual auction at the end of August where they will be auctioning off these items and more! (via TMZ

Mike Tyson Is Participating in Shark Week

Boxing superstar Mike Tyson is teaming up for a special event with the Discovery Channel this year for Shark Week. The special, Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef, will see the sports icon overcome one of his biggest fears. He plans to TKO a shark, but we will see how that goes! (via TMZ

Eagles Will Not Have Fans in the Crowd This Year

It’s a sad day to be a birds fan: The Philadelphia Eagles have announced that they will have no fans at the games this year because of safety concerns due to the coronavirus. No other teams have announced their plans yet, but we have a feeling the Eagles may not be the only team doing this. (via People)

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