For some of us, the words "going to the dentist" can bring back some memories of bad experiences from years gone by, but dentistry has advanced in technology to where now, in most cases, it's no big deal.

Those of us that are part of the baby boomer era and those before that can remember when you went to the dentist, quite often it was not going to be a pleasant esperience!

Not only that, but it was a big deal to get a tooth filled because back then they used silver fillings to fill most teeth after removing the cavity. Because the silver filling had to adhear to the tooth, quite often even though it might be a smaller cavity, they would drill half of your tooth out to make it work. Then, some years later, air could get under the silver filling as it broke down and could cause another cavity and here you go again having it refilled.

Hopefully by that time, composit fillings had been invented which actually bond to your tooth making it stronger and also the color of your actual tooth so it isn't really noticeable.

In most cases today, if a cavity is detected early, only the cavity is removed, a little composit is used to replace it, smooth it out and off you go!!

Even root canals, getting crowns, and other dental proceedures in most cases, are not nearly as tramatic or painful as they once were.

Parents, did you know that you can seal your childs permanent teeth at an early age and chances are they may never have a cavity?

It's amazing what dental implants have done for many patients.

After going to my dentist this morning to have a filling replaced, while it was fresh on my mind I thought I would just share a few thoughts with you about how truly amazing I find dental technology has become and continues to get better & better!

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