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Nick Jonas Reveals His Dream Movie Role

Nick Jonas'  dream acting role would be to play Bruce Springsteen. Being from New Jersey, the Jonas Brother grew up around a lot of Springsteen music. As a kid, Jonas sadly didn’t get the opportunity to see Springsteen live when he played Giants Stadium, so portraying The Boss on the big screen would be the next best thing. (via Billboard)

Good News! 'Dad Bods' Are Popular Again

According to a Dating.com poll, “dad bods” are the most attractive body type now. Three in five people said they’re a fan of the "dad bod," while only 15 percent overall said they like a chiseled look. One in five said that it's the personality of the person that matters, not the body type. (via AP News)

Is MoviePass Coming Back?

MoviePass may be coming back! The MoviePass website now features a countdown that ends on March 22. "The movie is about to start," the website reads. However, there is a possibility that Mark Wahlberg’s company will simply be releasing his docuseries then. MoviePass was a subscription service that made it possible for subscribers to see unlimited movies for $10 a month at their local theater. (via The Wrap)

Kobe Bryant’s Family To Trademark 'Mamba' and 'Mambacita'

Kobe Bryant’s family wants to trademark "Mamba" and "Mambacita." Their attorney filed for an application on March 10, noting that the phrases would be used for clothing. They also mentioned workout clothes, such as sweatbands, armbands and footwear. (via TMZ)

Shaquille O’Neal Had an Uncomfortable Experience With IcyHot

Shaquille O’Neal said his experience with IcyHot was painful. On the “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” podcast, the basketball icon explained he was forced to leave an NBA game after a trainer used IcyHot “too high” on his leg when treating an injury. (via TMZ)

LeBron James Now Part Owner of the Red Sox

LeBron James is the newest part owner of the Boston Red Sox! The athlete has obtained shares for the Fenway Sports Group, which is the parent company of the baseball team. (via TMZ)

Disneyland Announces Opening Date

Disneyland is finally opening back up after being shut down for months due to the pandemic. The theme park will reopen April 30, but only to California residents. (via People)

Quarantine Has Been Hard for Daters

If you have been struggling to meet people because of quarantine, Tinder might have you covered! They will be sending 500 matched couples free COVID tests to get people back out into the dating world. (via Tinder)

Dua Lipa Got a Surprise After the Grammys!

Dua Lipa’s boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, unfortunately couldn’t make it to the Grammys in person. Instead, to celebrate his sweetheart after Music's Biggest Night, he surprised her with a piñata, balloons that spelt out her name and a giant Pikachu. See the cute pics below!

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