If you're a Nicki Minaj fan and were online Saturday night (October 8), there's a good chance you found yourself properly trolled by the "Anaconda" rapper.

Minaj used Twitter Saturday evening to troll her followers, tricking many into believing she was planning on releasing a surprise album called Pick My Fruit Out at midnight. The record, of course, never dropped—it doesn't exist!

The performer, who is currently working on her follow-up to The Pinkprint, her last studio album which was released in 2014, made the joke in response to the constant barrage of questions she receives about when her next album will be released.

After reading some replies on Twitter from fans asking about/demanding new music, she tweeted, "Ok u know what I wasn’t going to say anything but damn ya got it out of me. The album drops at midnight. It's called #PickMyFruitOut."

Minaj then jokingly posted the non-existent album's tongue-in-cheek, fruit-centric track list:

1. "Mango"
2. "Cherry"
3. "Watermelon"
4. "Bananas" (Harambe Interlude)
5. "Grapes"
6. "Raspberries"
7. "Kiwi"
8. "Pineapple"
9. "Fruit Loops"

In a silly follow up, she shared song number 10, "N---- Toss My Fruit Salad," as the track she's "most excited about," as it "features [her] favorite rapper of all time."

After about an hour of teasing her fans, Minaj signed off after thanking her followers for playing along, writing, "Love u back. All of you... I been cryin laughin this whole time, btw."

See her tweets below:

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