This is about as controversial a loss as you will see.

Dancing with the Stars — a show that thrives on people crying foul over results — aired an episode for the ages Tuesday night (May 23) when Normani Kordei was eliminated before New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings beat out David Ross to ultimately win the title. That's right: Kordei finished in third place, causing the kind of outrage this country hasn't seen since the new Coke was introduced.

Celebrities and non-celebrities were left with their jaws hanging so far down on the floor that Kordei probably would've tripped over them while doing the tango. Twitter lit up like the Mirror Ball trophy that the singer will not be placing on her mantle anytime soon — even her Fifth Harmony bandmate couldn't help but shout her disappointment.

Take a look at the DWTS outrage below, and tell us if you think the right person won Season 24.

Normani Kordei's Best Dance Breaks:

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