Gamers are getting their off-road thrills with the release of the new monster-truck driving game, ‘OffRoad Legends’ from Dogbyte Games. And if you’re going to get behind the wheel, there’s nothing better to accelerate your lead food than what sounds like Led Zeppelin.

The trailer for the video game definitely sounds similar to the Led Zeppelin classic, ‘Immigrant Song,’ even if it has a more a computerized vibe than the original. The demonstration shows monster trucks, tankers and other vehicles motoring through tough terrain, jumping ramps, breaking through barriers, and dealing with different climate conditions all while the driving beat pushes the player along.

The trailer also gives you an idea of the different types of vehicles you can select for your adventure, ranging from a gas rig all the way to a smaller beat-up old-time truck. Plus, as the trailer ends, you can hear the music transitioning from the Zeppelin-feel to a banjo ditty while a hippie van heads on down the road and the promo fades to black.

Though music does play into the trailer, a look at all of the links to download the game for Android or iTunes does not indicate a soundtrack among the game features, though things like “gorgeous graphics,” “three game modes,” “56 challenging tracks,” “real-time vehicle deformation,” “mind-blowing physics,” “Xperia PLAY gamepad support,” and “Scoreloop leaderboards and achievements” are features you will find if you get the ‘OffRoad Legends’ game.

Check Out the Trailer for ‘OffRoad Legends’