Prices are just going crazy. Have you bought cat or dog food lately? It is so tempting as we watch our blissful pets sleeping and lounging in myriad positions to think out loud:  It's time for him to find a job.

Have you ever tried to put together a resume for a cat?  It's not easy.

Skills? Furballs, sleeping, eating, and scratching endlessly in the litterbox. Not exactly bankable

Photo by Tuqa Nabi on Unsplash
Photo by Tuqa Nabi on Unsplash

If you own a dog, there are considerably more options for employment. Some dogs have a great sense of smell. Perhaps with some training, they could find part-time work as a bloodhound. Maybe, your dog is cut out for police work. Too bad my dog's greatest skill, barking at just the wrong time can't be applied to employment.

When I was about to give up on the whole idea. That is when I saw it. This job is perfect for my pets.

Petsmart has announced today that they are looking for one dog and one cat to become Chief Toy Testers.  The job pays $10,000.  That's a start, although my last trip to the vet to have my cat's abscessed tooth pulled cost $1800.

The skillsets match up perfectly.  In the press release announcing the position, Petsmart says they're looking for pets who have "vast experience in play, a knack for toy testing, and an advanced palate for sampling an array of culinary treats"

So far so good.

Photo by Jesper Brouwers on Unsplash
Photo by Jesper Brouwers on Unsplash

The Chief Toy Testers will participate in numerous PetSmart promotional events and the pet parents will have to document the whole thing on social media.

In addition, PetSmart says Chief Toy testers will have to:

  • Commit to a 12-month contract with PetSmart
  • Follow the rules for the Chief Toy Tester as provided by PetSmart
  • Have public (not private) social media accounts
  • Upload quarterly unboxing Reels/TikTok videos
  • Adhere to quarterly salon/grooming appointments (dogs must, cats maybe)
  • Participate in a holiday gift guide
  • Attend in-store holiday events, be available for National Adoption Week, and more.

At last, maybe my pets can start earning their keep. Here is the link to apply.

Click Here To Enter Your Pet

The deadline is February 17. You will have to submit creative videos and photos for consideration.

I only hope my cat, Anna's addiction doesn't disqualify her.  She is totally hooked on catnip.

Photo: Crash Kelley
Photo: Crash Kelley
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