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In these times — dark and troubled as they might be — one of the best ways to tune out the noise is with some sweeter sounds.

Glassio, an alt dance-pop troupe made up of producer-songwriters Sam Rad and Charlie P, have provided that solace in the form of their latest single, "Search & Destroy," a reworking of the Iggy Pop-led 1973 Vietnam War anthem by The Stooges which the two crafted shortly after election night in America. (Here's the original, for reference.)

Given a dreamy, gospel-tinged makeover to "re-contextualize the aggressive Vietnam war song...to reflect the current feeling of uncertainty and fear across the globe," the track undoubtedly resonates in 2017.

"We have always loved removing things from their context," the group explains to PopCrush.

"That has been a common denominator in our collaboration. With 'Search & Destroy,' we thought the lyrics could introduce new meaning with a softer production. This ended up turning into a complete electronic makeover of the track."

The duo, who met upon being assigned to a project together while studying at NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, first debuted with their Poptimism EP last year, and quickly earned some viral love with their music, including "Try Much Harder" and "Make Me Feel."

Get lost in the duo's hypnotic "Search & Destroy" up top, and for more from Glassio, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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