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If you're young and you're feeling kind of restless, you're not alone: New York City singer and producer SHEARE (a.k.a. Brandon Sheer) feels you.

On "Restless," the pop artist's emotive, moody electro-ballad premiering exclusively on PopCrush, SHEARE explores the uncertainty of growing up and the reality of simply not knowing what's coming around the bend.

The artist's lazy, yet expressive vocals recall, to some degree, a late '90s Beck, while the atmospheric, smokey, twinkly slow-burning production shares mild similarities with Troye Sivan's "Youth," another anthem that declares the kids are alright.

"I wrote and produced 'Restless' in my apartment in Brooklyn and it's about being a 20-something-year old who's trying to learn to embrace uncertainty," SHEARE tells us of the tune.

"I feel like a lot of people are constantly either looking to find something new and shiny or adversely, they're dreading something that's comfortable and familiar coming to an end," he adds. "Most people (myself included) have a hard time enjoying the in-between where everything is totally up in the air. In some ways, I'm learning the uncertainty is the best part of it all."

Listen below:

As for the musician, his place on the pop charts shouldn't leave him with too much uncertainty in the future— which, by the way, is looking and sounding bright: In July, SHEARE's vocals were featured on "I Keep Running," a throbbing, progressive house banger from EDM juggernaut Benny Benassi. The kid's alright, indeed.

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