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You know that one euphoric song that comes around once every summer? The one you can't help but listen to on repeat, and you still find yourself humming along to come September? That's the kind of track The Heirs have created with "What You Want," their latest self-released single.

Produced by Leland and Bram Inscore, who co-wrote Troye Sivan's "Youth," the release marks the group's first since dropping their debut EP. Visually, the MTV-friendly video for the contagious, glittery tune is as celebratory as the uplifting bop itself, envisioning what a neon-hued, early '80s homecoming afterparty might look like in 2016 — all confetti, disco balls, twinkling LED lights and pretty young things letting loose.

Fronted by siblings Savannah and Brandon Hudson, the Los Angeles-based band (which also features Alex Flagstad on guitar, Eian McNeely on bass/keys and Brennan Benko on drums) crafts melodic alt-pop steeped in a blend of '70s glam rock, '80s new wave and post-'90s synthpop. Their sound is undefinable in the best way: It's not quite dance music, but it's dancey. It's not quite indie-rock, but it possesses an effortlessly cool edge.

Released in August 2015 via Capitol Records, the group's 4-track Ecliptic EP introduced listeners to an undeniable sonic concoction, including the indie-pop banger "Alright Goodnight" as well as the sweeping "Ecliptic" title track, an electro-rock anthem equal parts Grouplove and Goldfrapp. It was a promising prelude to the band's brand of left-of-center pop, but it wasn't technically the brother-sister duo's true musical debut.

In 2013, Savannah and Brandon, then 13 and 15 respectively, appeared on Season 8 of America's Got Talent, auditioning with a country-tinged original song and winning over Howard Stern, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel with their stage presence and harmonizing skills. Later in the season, the duo performed at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, where they impressed the judges once again with a rousing rendition of Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive."

While the young siblings didn't ultimately win the season, they gained a fresh fanbase excited to hear more. After spending three years writing and producing original tunes and honing their sound and image, the Hudsons now call themselves The Heirs, and have amassed over 80,000 fans on Facebook alone — no small feat for an independent music act.

This summer, the band will tour North America on the 2016 Vans Warped Tour, kicking off June 24 in Dallas, Texas. Their debut full length studio album is likely due out later in 2016 — and if their most recent offering is any indication, we'll probably have that on repeat, too.

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