An Amazon delivery driver is going viral because she not only made her delivery but also delivered some really good advice. The video by TikTokker Jessica Huseman now has nearly 4.5 million views.

The clip is from her doorbell cam recording the Amazon driver approaching her front door for a delivery. The driver tells Jessica, who claims she just moved into the house, that her residence has no address on it.

Because the address is not posted on the house, the Amazon driver tells her:

“And that is hard to find your house my dude, and it’s unsafe, honestly,” what if you needed medical assistance and the paramedics didn’t know your town well? Come on.”

The delivery driver posted a follow-up when she saw her viral video. She mentions other unsafe things she's seen on her delivery route. She also added:

“Crisis management and prevention education is essential and literally a part of my soul. So anytime I do go out and deliver packages … if I see something, I say something. Cause that’s how bystander intervention works. But keeping in mind that it’s more than that. It is about reminding each other that we are enough, and being there for one another.”

This is a great delivery driver, and she is totally right.  In Texas, it is required by law to display your address on your property. The Texas Property Code Section 92.156 requires landlords to display the property address in a conspicuous location at the entrance of each building or visible from the street.

San Angelo City Code Section 12-63 also requires all buildings to have a legible address clearly visible from the street or road on which the building fronts.  The numbers must be at least four inches in height and in a contrasting color to the background.

While this requirement is mostly directed at landlords, as the delivery driver in the viral TikTok noted, it is still recommended for homeowners to display their address numbers so emergency services can locate their property quickly in the event of an emergency.

There are other reasons, of course. A visible address helps service providers find your residence quickly. This can save time and money. It can help facilitate mail and package deliveries and food and grocery deliveries.

It is not often that we hear of delivery drivers doing something like this viral TikTok. Their message is important and could save a lot of lives.

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