Post Malone appeared on The Tonight Show and discussed how Justin Bieber played a part in him getting his first tattoo.

Malone, who is covered in tattoos, explained to host Jimmy Fallon that while he was working on his first album, Stoney, he came across a tattoo artist and figured if Bieber could take the pain associated with getting ink that he could too.

"I was just like, 'You know what? Justin Bieber's got some tats, and I love you, but I know I'm way tougher than you,'" Malone said.

Malone's first tattoo was of the Playboy bunny logo which he said Bieber ruined when the pair met to play basketball days after Malone had the tattoo work done.

"I guess Justin was watching this interview in the future when I said I was tougher than him because we played basketball like two days later and he knocked the whole thing off and there was just blood dripping down my hand," Malone said.

"It kind of looks like my tattoo got dropped in lava. But I like the story anyway," he continued.

Malone also performed his new song "Sunflower," which will appear in the upcoming Spider-Man animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
By Wade Sheridan,

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