Ever since the 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 finale ended we've been left wondering: what did Melissa Hastings whisper to her father in the Rosewood police station?

And more to the point, will we ever find out what it was?

Continue on to learn the scintillating answer to at least one of these questions!

In the intriguing scene (which you can re-watch above), Melissa tells her father that Spencer didn't kill the girl in Ali's grave, at which point she learns over and whispers something unintelligible to him.

Thanks to a question from one intrepid fan -- who asked writer Joseph Dougherty what the secret Melissa passed on was -- we know the answer will be revealed this season!

As Dougherty replied on Twitter:

Sadly, he did not reveal when we would be given the answer, but considering the cast and crew are hard at work on the beginning of Season 5, we're definitely hoping to get an answer sooner rather than later.

'PLL' returns with its Season 5 premiere on June 10, 8PM ET on ABC Family. Honestly, it cannot come fast enough.

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