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San Francisco Guys Create 'Quarantined Bachelor' Show on Instagram

Two men from San Francisco, Tyler Cohen and Jimmy Parenteau, decided to cater to the needs of all the starving Bachelor fans out there and create their own version on Instagram.

The virtual dating show features one handsome bachelor and multiple suitors who get to know each other through Zoom dates. And instead of roses, they get presented with... toilet paper. (via TMZ)

Survey Shows Americans Are Isolating as Recommended

50% of Americans say they are extremely or very worried that they or a loved one will contract the virus. Of those Americans surveyed, 86% reported that they are actively avoiding others and following safety protocols, like social distancing and hand washing. (via KLOVE)

NBA Stars Playing Video Games Fill in for Lack of Sports TV

With no actual live sports to be seen, the apparent next best thing is professional athletes playing video games. The NBA, National Basketball Players Association and 2K are joining forces to present the NBA 2K20 Player Tournament.

Set to air on ESPN and ESPN2 later this month, with big players like Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Zach LaVine lined up to participate, the winner will receive $100,000 to donate to a COVID-19 relief charity. (via ESPN)

White House Task Force Warns Against Going To Grocery Stores

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unravel, daily updates on safe behavior and practices are being shared by local and federal governments. One of the newer suggestions by the White House Task Force is to stay home from the grocery store as much as possible, as the illness is expected to hit a new high in coming weeks. (via New York Post)

Some Creative and Not-So-Creative DIY Face Masks

With mask shortages continuing to be a problem, many people have rummaged through their homes to find supplies to make their own masks. People have worn boxes and plastic bags on their heads while out in public. Some ideas could certainly be more harmful than helpful, so it is important to read trusted information from the CDC and government on face masks and other COVID-19 information. (via TMZ)

Tom Holland and Olivia Bolton Reportedly Break Up

The couple has reportedly split up, choosing to stay friends. (via Cosmopolitan)

Stars Who Were Tested for the Coronavirus

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