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Rebel Wilson Says She's Treated Better Since Losing Weight

Rebel Wilson says that eve since she lost weight, people have been offering to do things for her, like carry her groceries or hold doors open for her. It baffles her people would treat her that differently. (Wilson hit her goal weight of 165 pounds in November 2020.) (via Page Six)

Eric Church Almost Turned Down Singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

Eric Church almost said no to singing at the Super Bowl. After previously claiming he would never sing the national anthem unless it was at the Super Bowl, when the time came and he was offered the gig, he didn’t feel good enough! Thankfully, he reconsidered when he found out he’d be singing with R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan. (via People)

Miley Cyrus Preforms Anti-Trump Song Turning NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Miley Cyrus performed her anti-Trump song, "Golden G Strings," during an “at home” Tiny Desk Concert for NPR last week. Watch below.

Two in Three American Say Video Games Helped Shape Their Personality

According to One Poll, 66 percent of 2,000 Americans believe playing video games as a kid shaped their personality. 88 percent of poll respondents agreed that gaming is a productive hobby that helps with problem-solving, while two in three respondents reported they get so excited playing video games that they feel like the rest of the world disappears. (via Study Finds)

Bumble to Ban Body Shaming

Bumble announced last week that they are going to ban body shaming on the app. In a statement, Bumble reported that any “unsolicited and derogatory comments” about a person’s appearance can result in a warning or even removal from the platform. Body shaming includes fat shaming, health shaming, criticizing skin or hair, thin shaming, unsolicited opinions and mocking someone’s physical features. (via People)

Justin Bieber Releases New Music Video for 'Anyone'

Justin Bieber released a new music video for his single “Anyone.” This version is called “On the Road” and is a tribute to his wife, Hailey Bieber. Watch below.

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