Robert Plant is on the promotional trail for his new album, 'lullaby ... and the Ceaseless Roar,' and his journey brought him to the Sept. 22 edition of 'CBS This Morning,' where he talked about the liberating feeling of composing an album of new original material after spending a few years focusing on covers.

"To be inspired is a wonderful thing," he told his hosts regarding the period after his collaborations with Alison Krauss, Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller. "I was doing covers, always doing other songs, beautiful American pieces. Songs that I could never have written because it came from your vision of music, so to go back to the U.K. and create something really fresh and new is fantastic."

Plant also discussed his long love affair with the music and history of the Mississippi delta, which he recalled starting when American blues musicians toured Britain in the mid-'60s. "The goosebumps and the tears, everything that I saw from this area, I wanted to visit and visit and visit," he mused, adding that although touring usually doesn't leave him much time for getting to know a particular place, he made a point of repeatedly traveling to the area. "When I had time on my hands, I really started to study and try to feel what was coming out of the past."

Again, Plant reiterated his desire to move on from Led Zeppelin after John Bonham's death in 1980, explaining, "You just have to pick up and go. The essence of a four-piece band is four pieces, and he and I had played together since we were like 16, and it was a big hole in all our lives. I just thought it was time to move along, you know?"

One anchor pointed out that while his music has evolved, Plant's hair has stayed more or less the same, half-jokingly asking him if he'd ever consider cutting it off. "When the career's finished, I think," laughed Plant. "When everything's finished. I think my kids will sell it."

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