Sammy Hagar has shared his grief over the death of Liza Cozad-Lauser, wife of his Wabos drummer David Lauser, in a note posted at his official site.

"I'm very sad to hear about the passing of my dear friend David Lauser's wife, Liza. I've known only a few people in my life who have had to go through a heartbreaking ordeal in their lives with this level of dedication/devotion," wrote Hagar. "Even when it looked like there was no hope, they both kept the faith and the fight. God has and will bless them both I'm sure."

Hagar was a big part of the fight to extend Cozad-Lauser's life, leading the charge to obtain a special dispensation from the FDA for an experimental drug to treat the inoperable tumor on her brain stem. He also worked to soften the blow of the couple's medical expenses, performing at a benefit concert held for her.

As a webmaster's note below Hagar's post reminds readers -- and as Lauser himself recalled during an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock -- Cozad-Lauser was a major part of establishing Hagar's online community after he departed Van Halen in 1996. "Liza was instrumental in early incarnations of Sammy's website, and her passion for music and the Redheads was clear to all who came in contact with her," concludes the post. "Feel free to share your condolences on David's Facebook page."

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