Selena Gomez has broken her silence following the backlash against Hailey Baldwin.

In case you missed it, the pop star released a new breakup song called "Lose You to Love Me," which fans believe is about her romance with Justin Bieber. In it, she sings about an ex moving on "two months" after the relationship ended and even included the word "purpose," which could be a nod to Bieber's 2015 album of the same name.

Minutes after she dropped the track, Baldwin posted a screenshot of Summer Walker's song “I’ll Kill You” on her Instagram Stories, which many assumed was a direct threat to Gomez given the timing and their history.

The model later denied she was throwing shade, writing "Please stop with this nonsense... there is no 'response.' This is complete BS" under Just Jared's Instagram account. However, fans didn't buy it.

Now, the 27-year-old singer has seemingly defended her ex-boyfriend's wife amid all online abuse during a recent Instagram Live, in which she asked her fans to "please be kind to everyone."

"I am grateful for the response that the song is getting. I'm so grateful. However, I do not stand for women tearing women down," she said. "And I will never, ever be by that. So please be kind to everyone. It doesn't matter what the situation is. If you're my fans, don't be rude to anybody, please. Don't go off and say things that you just feel in the moment. And just please, for me, know that that's not my heart."

"My heart is only to release things that I feel that are me and that I'm proud of. And that's all that I'll say, yeah," Gomez continued. "Again, please be kind. Please, please, please be kind. I don't like seeing people being disrespectful or rude to other people, so please don't do that."

You can watch her Instagram Live in the video, below:

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