Kylie Jenner has a better sense of humor about herself than most people do, and if you need actual proof of this claim, look no further than her latest Instagram post.

The rising beauty mogul posted a photo of herself earlier today (April 18) wearing a shirt with her own face on it. This would be mildly funny coming from any celebrity with a modicum of self-awareness, but the act is even greater when you consider the specific photo emblazoned across the shirt's front. Not only is the picture a selfie, but it's one of those super high definition shots that's been contrasted to hell and back again, at the highest level -- making for a deeply unflattering and, in some cases, unsettling image.

Kylie doesn't care though, because what's one mortifyingly bad photo when you have a slew of others with professional lighting, expert makeup and perfect angles to prove it's nothing more than a terrible shot? Life is too short to care about 24/7 perfection, you know? There's a valuable lesson in all of this. Thanks, Kylie.

Would you ever wear a shirt with your own face on it? Do you untag devastatingly ugly candids on Facebook, or do you embrace them and make them your profile picture, instead? Is there some kind of middle ground here, or does life only work in extremes? More importantly, did you get one of those defective lip gloss wands Kylie swears are no longer in production? Let us know your thoughts on all of these questions in the comments below.

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