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25% of Gym Members Will Not Be Returning

Do you feel safe going to your gym after it reopens under new guidelines? According to a study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of LIFEAID Beverage Co, 25% of people say they will not be going back to their gym because they feel they are getting enough exercise at home. 33% say that they will keep their membership, but not go as much. Another 42% of people also do not feel comfortable wearing a mask while working out.  (via Study Finds)

Matt James Wants To Tell Different Kinds of Love Stories on His Bachelor Season

The newest and first Black Bachelor, Matt James, is so excited to share his journey of finding love this upcoming season. James and fan favorite contestant Tyler Cameron talked about the show's diversity and how pumped they are to show different kinds of love stories. (via People

CVS Releases Men’s Makeup Line

The largest drugstore is getting men’s makeup! CVS is releasing a collab with Stryx, a cosmetics brand that specializes in makeup for men. Apparently, 33% of men under 45 want to try makeup and see what they can do with it. (via Chron

Man Uses Stimulus Check To Feed His Neighborhood

After supermarkets shut down, Ronald Kearney saw that his neighborhood was struggling. He used his $1,200 stimulus check to buy hot dogs and burgers to help those in need in his community. Especially in these times, Kearney says that we should help others to come together. (via Newsweek

Shane Dawson Has Been Demonetized By YouTube

After Shane Dawson addressed his past racist comments and content, YouTube decided to not allow Dawson to make money on his YouTube videos. He has over 22 million subscribers and two other channels that have over 10 million subscribers combined. Also, Target removed Dawson’s books from their stores. (via Buzzfeed

Mark Wahlberg Is Allergic To Basically Everything

Mark Wahlberg gave his Instagram followers a little insight to his allergy scratch test results, which basically revealed the actor is allergic to almost everything. His back was covered in red bumps and hives. Yikes! (via People

Fourth of July Brings Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

There may or may not be fireworks, but there will be something called the Buck Moon happening this Saturday. You will be able to see it around 12:45 AM on Sunday morning. Happy first full moon of the summer! (via People)

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