Should you wear the black shoes or the white ones? How about both?

Get a load of the Volvorii Timeless smart shoes, which, thanks to a handy app coming soon, can change color.

The shoes' soles have a Bluetooth receiver embedded that allows your smartphone to communicate with it so that you can change the E-ink display on the side of the shoes to whatever you'd like.

The shoes are made of leather and rubber and go for $249, which could be a bargain, considering you're really getting multiple shoes in one. You can see how the shoe works in the above video.

So far, the shoes are available in black or white and feature two heel sizes -- three-and-a-ha-half inches and four-and-a-half inches.

The company has launched a crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds. To date, slightly more than $40,000 has been raised. If you refer five people to donate, you'll qualify for a free pair.

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