Barack Obama's latest idea is to provide Americans with two years of 'free' community college. He uses the word free multiple times throughout the above video. There is a lot of emphasis on it, actually. However, I'm not sure he knows what that word means. The White House guesstimates that over 10 years this plan would cost 60 billion dollars... yeah, that is billion with a 'B'.

My question is simple: if students aren't paying for the bill, who is? Simple question, simple answer. The American taxpayer, well, those of us who still pay taxes. Ya know, because it's so much more beneficial to be on welfare than to find an job and contribute to society. Don't believe me? Check this out. 

But, I digress. Obama is basing his proposal on how well Tennessee's educational reform has gone. Which, it has. Their rigorous K-12 reforms have done exceedingly well, and the 'Tennessee Promise' sounds like a fabulous idea. I hope that it works wonders for them.

Now, here is where I am hesitant.  Since when has any situation the government has decided to meddle in turned out well? Look at the disasters we've had over the past couple of decades. I don't trust anything that includes the word free: this includes 'free' education or 'free' healthcare. This should be completely up to the state's discretion. And, even then, peaking strictly from a Texan standpoint, we need to focus less on 'free' college, and more on our own educational reforms. Let's see, paying teachers more, removing ineffective teachers, abolishing standardized testing, etc. I could go on and on. 

Perhaps congress and the president would like to cut their 400,000 thousand paycheck to help fund this latest 'free' concept?

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