It's time once again for the time-honored tradition that's becoming just about as celebrated as the Super Bowl itself: the Super Bowl commercials.

Ahead of Super Bowl 51 on February 5, Skittles unveiled their admittedly amusing 30-second "Romance" spot, featuring a young Romeo trying to win the affections of his Juliet by throwing rocks at her window — only, he's using Skittles instead. Spoiler alert: if you're trying to get someone's attention, maybe don't try doing so with a delicious candy that can be easily caught in your mouth. And definitely make sure the family (and the family burglar!) isn't home, either. (Or did he just score major points from everyone involved?)

"Who says romance is dead? Definitely not Katie. Or her whole family. Or their unexpected guests. #TasteTheRainbow #SB51," the candy company writes.

Watch the silly Skittles Super Bowl spot up top.

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