The photos from Buffalo and Western New York are awe-inspiring. Some areas received six feet of snow in just a few days. Lake effect snows often happen in that part of the world when cold air sweeps across the Great Lakes. It picks up moisture and drops it as lots and lots of snow.

The snow fest usually lasts until the lakes freeze over.

Here in San Angelo, we get snow. Our snow events are not measured in feet but in inches. So what were the snowiest days in San Angelo?

According to the National Weather Service, the snowiest 24 hours in San Angelo's history happened in April 1996.  April? According to their records, 9.3 inches of snow fell on April 5th, 1996.  Do you remember that event? Perhaps you even have photos.

On April 5th of this year, the daytime high in San Angelo was 95 degrees!

No doubt the weather in San Angelo can be unpredictable.  Here are the most significant 24-hour snow totals in San Angelo as reported by the National Weather Service:

Greatest 24-hour Snowfalls (inches)
1.9.3April 5th, 1996
2.8.0January 15th-16th, 1919
3.8.0February 12th, 1890
4.7.5January 10th-11th, 1973

The average annual snowfall in San Angelo is only 2.9 inches. There have been many seasons when there was much more snowfall during the season.  Here are the top ten snowiest Winter Seasons in San Angelo history.

Top 10 Snowiest Winters (inches)

What about a White Christmas in San Angelo? Of course, it is possible, but the last time any snowfall was recorded on Christmas was in 1974, 48 years ago. Even then, it was just a tenth of an inch. Before that,  there was an inch and a half in 1939 and 2 inches in 1926.

There has been snow on the ground in San Angelo on Thanksgiving.  November historically has had some big San Angelo snow events. Here are the snowiest November snow events in San Angelo.

November Snow Events Inches/Year
8.2 1918
8.1 1968
6.6 2007
5.6 1976
5.0 2001
3.7 1980
3.5 1957

If you're a snow fan, San Angelo is probably not the best place to be. Perhaps Buffalo, New York might be more to your liking. I doubt if you'll be able to get there anytime soon. They're still digging out.

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