Disney’s first theme park land based on Marvel characters opens this week. Avengers Campus at Disneyland in Anaheim, California features rides, meet and greets, shows, and restaurants all themed around the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you grew up wishing you could sling webs with Spider-Man or eat giant and/or tiny food, this place is for you. (Also, those are very weird and specific fantasies.)

One of the cooler elements of Avengers Campus is the animatronic Spider-Man that swings high over the heads of guests. The Spider-Man has been teased for months by Disney, and now it’s finally getting to work. He appears as part of a show for guests, featuring a stunt performer in a Spider-Man costume. He does some flips and rolls, then ducks out of sight while the Spider-Man animatronic launches into the air. Then the stunt Spidey returns and does an impressive descent along a wall before posing for pictures with fans.

You can watch the entire show below, along with multiple angles of the “flying” Spider-Man:

Here are some more images from throughout Avengers Campus, including the Pym Test Kitchen, the W.E.B. Suppliers (i.e. the store where you can buy Spider-Man stuff), the Shawarma Palace, along with costumed performers dressed as Dr. Strange and the Dora Milaje:

Avengers Campus Images

Avengers Campus is Disney’s first theme park land tied to Marvel characters. It is now open at Disneyland in California.

At the opening ceremony for Avengers Campus, Marvel’s Kevin Feige was joined by Paul Rudd and Anthony Mackie to welcome everyone to the area for the first time. You can watch the full show below:

Avengers Campus officially opens at Disneyland on June 4. If you go this weekend, just know: We hate you so much.

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