Happy Fourth of July, everybody — and before you start slipping (slipping, slipping) off to your barbecues and fireworks displays, Birds & Blooms Magazine would like to help you celebrate the holiday with a list of the best-ever songs about birds.

Connecting the results of Birds & Blooms’ survey to Independence Day is admittedly a bit of a stretch, but we’re sharing this now because the song that topped the list is the Steve Miller Band‘s ‘Fly Like an Eagle,’ and our national bird is the bald eagle, and, well, you get it. Besides, who doesn’t want to listen to ‘Fly Like an Eagle’ one more time?

“We’re not at all surprised by the popularity of Steve Miller’s ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ with our readers,” enthused Birds & Blooms editor Stacy Tornio in a press release. “It’s an iconic song for the iconic American bird.”

Steve Miller could not be reached for comment.

The list, which was ranked according to votes from 2,200 survey respondents, includes hits from a number of genres throughout the rock era, including Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s ‘Free Bird,’ the Beatles‘ ‘Blackbird,’ Prince‘s ‘When Doves Cry,’ and of course the Trashmen’s ‘Surfin’ Bird.’

Bringing up the rear, in 16th place: Rick Dees’ ’70s novelty hit ‘Disco Duck.’ To view the complete results, head over to the Birds & Blooms website.

“Birds are nature’s musicians, so it’s only natural that bird songs would be so popular with our readers, for whom the nature in their backyards and bird watching is a true passion,” continued Tornio. “The diversity of the songs just demonstrates that people love birds, and bird watching is a pastime with a cross-generational appeal.”

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