After years of sending messages back and forth to each other in the press, it appears that Steve Perry and Neal Schon are seriously considering the idea of Perry returning to Journey. In a new interview, the singer reveals that the two are in discussions.

"We’re trying," Classic Rock reports him as saying. "It’s tough. I’m doing my best in that area, and I can only do so much.”

Perry, who had a cancer scare last year, seems to be in a bit of a nostalgic and reflective mood. “The older I get, the more I do realize how important what we had all together and how it worked," he added. "The older I get -- like I said -- the more I realize we brought that out of each other. I brought things out of them, and they certainly brought a lot of my vocal stuff out of me -- just rising each other to this place that you can't get alone. I think that’s probably the biggest chemistry thing I recognize now.”

Last summer, guitarist Schon posted a link to an interview with Perry on Facebook, and added some heartfelt words about his former frontman. “I hope we can can reach out to each other and connect once again," he wrote. "We had amazing chemistry together. I love him with all the love and admiration you could even have. Steve, let’s talk soon."

Perry recently collaborated on a track with electronic band AWOLNATION for their upcoming album, which will be his first appearance on record since working with Ambrosia's David Pack in 2005.

Updated 2/6/14: Journey's management has declared this story to be untrue.

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