It is a social phenomenon. Everywhere you look online people are trying to attain the perfect work/life balance.  There are discussions about "quiet quitting". People are quitting their non-fulfilling jobs in unprecedented numbers.

Maybe what all those people are looking for is the perfect job.  With Cowboys season just days away, I can't think of a better job for work/life balance for football fans than this gem.

Pickswise is looking for an NFL Stadium Food Tester. Today's NFL football games are going upscale. With the high prices of NFL games, the food choices at NFL stadiums are more dynamic than ever before. With that in mind the Pickswise "NFL Satdium Food Tester" has to be someone with a large appetite.


The main duties of this job including eating and eating, then eating more.  Oh yes, there will be drinking too. Once you imbibe, then you will be asked to write a full review of the experience. You'll review taste, price and the quality of the food and drink options.  You will have to take photos and your work will be posted for millions of fans on the Pickwise website and social media channels.

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It is a pretty cushy gig. You get:

$500 expenses to cover travel and the best game day food

2 Tickets on an NFL Game

2 new NFL jerseys for the Cowboys.  Actually, its for the team of your choice, but we jump to conclusions.

To enter click this link:

Enter Now To Be NFL Food Tester

You will need to give them your email, name, age, state of residence, the NFL Team You Support, and why you would be perfect for this job. The deadline for entry is coming up at 11pm Monday, September 12th.  No long waits, the winner will be notified by 11pm Wednesday, September 14th, 2022.

If you LIVE football and You LOVE great food, well this is the ultimate work/life balance type situation. There is only one drawback.  If the Cowboys aren't winning, you probably won't have much of an appetite.  I guess then, you'll have to rely heavily on the drinks.

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