Pitbull isn’t the only superstar at the mercy of Internet pranksters. America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift appears to be falling victim to a similar “campaign” and may end up performing at a school for the deaf due to jokers on 4Chan.

Once the folks at 4Chan caught wind of a contest the ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ singer has launched, where she will perform at a school campus that gets the most votes, they sprung into action and started voting for the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Massachusetts.

A pop singer… performing at a school for the deaf? Get it? It could be the jokesters ways of saying that no one, not even the deaf, should have to listen to Swift’s music. How mean!

It’s not that much different from what happened with Pit. He took part in a contest where he would play a Walmart location that got the most Facebook likes, and a web jokester managed to intervene and helped firebomb the votes, and ultimately had Pit sent to a remote part of Alaska. Pit was a good sport and even paid for the prankster to come to Alaska and see the show out of his own pocket.

Swift’s contest, however, posts a disclaimer, saying she can opt out of her performance. So the 4Channers could be foiled in their efforts. Horace Mann currently sits in second place in the voting.

This is what happens when pop stars offer interactive contests such as this. There’s bound to be a bunch of hucksters who think they are hilarious and try to stuff the ballots and turn an innocent contest into a big old joke. While some may find this funny, it does take legit votes away from fans in schools that would kill for the chance to have Swift on campus performing.

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