There's an iconic mural in Austin, Texas that makes for a great photo. The painting is of a slice of bread and a melting pad of butter side by side that reads, "You’re my butter half."

A TikTok posted by @atxgossip shows the mural, along with a recent alteration someone decided to make. It looks like someone showed up to the site with a can of yellow and black spray paint that they made some changes to the original painting with. Some of the letters on the pad of butter were painted over with yellow and then replaced with different letters to make the mural read, "You're my butt hole."

It's definitely an immature joke to make, and if I were the original artist of the mural, I would probably be upset that someone did that to my art. Apparently, the original artist took the vandalization very lightheartedly and even gave kudos to the person that changed the mural. It's great to see how unbothered the artist was that their mural was toyed with, and I think it's something people can learn from.

A lot of people are extremely sensitive about a lot of things recently, and it could benefit everyone to take a more lighthearted approach like this artist. Yes, their work was vandalized, but it was all done as a joke that plenty of people got a good laugh out of. It's also something that can be fixed. The artist can always repaint it and bring it back to its original form. It also probably isn't the first time they have had their work vandalized, so they probably don't care too much anymore.

That's something that should be kept in mind when looking at other parts of your life. Someone might do something as a joke, and it might piss you off, but as long as it wasn't hateful or hurtful, what's the point of getting really upset over it?

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