If you believe in ghosts, you probably don't want to see this underneath your kid's school.

Over in Sugar Land, Texas a massive $59 million renovation project is underway for the Fort Bend Independent School District. The James Reese Career and Technical Center will be helping juniors and seniors at the local high schools.

Students will be able to take classes on agriculture and natural resources, architecture and construction, arts and audio video communications, culinary arts, cosmetology, education and training, information technology, law and public safety, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics. Students will have access to dual credit courses and multiple opportunities to earn industry certifications while completing coursework at the facility.

This is going to be awesome once this place opens up, but construction has hit quite the hiccup. During the excavation process, crews found human remains. They believe they have found some sort of burial ground and the count is currently at twenty-four bodies.Tests are underway to see how old these bodies are.

The Texas Historical Commission says it's not totally uncommon to find older burial places. There's a process in place to excavate the land. "It is definitely a mystery. It's important to make sure that we're taking care of it, preserving it, making sure that we're following all the rules and regulations. And really try to learn as much as we can because we don't know how old these remains are," Veronica Sopher with the district said.

Back in 2011 when the district bought the land it was surveyed and they never thought anything like this was underneath it. Construction has been halted at the moment until all the bodies have been dug up.

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