The Cowboys had a respectable season. I guess that's a great way of saying they're not in the Super Bowl.

Never wanting to pass up an opportunity for food, dip, a great half-time show, and close friends, most Texans will put aside their disappointment and have a great time this Sunday.

So, who are Texans routing for?

Surprisingly, there are no polls.  My hunch is a majority of Texas NFL fans are pulling for the Chiefs. The Eagles' victory over the Cowboys on October 16th was a little raw. Funny, I still remember the date.  There may be a hole or two in the drywall of my man cave that I still haven't patched yet.

Another reason West Texans are pulling for the Chiefs is Patrick Mahomes. He made a lot of friends at admirers in Lubbock.

With all that being said, of all the 50 states, where does Texas rank as a Super Bowl party state? No Deposit Daily has released its rankings, based on interviews with over 2,000 Americans nationwide, of the states with the highest percentage of adult residents who plan to go to a Super Bowl Party.

Number One on the list is Pennsylvania, followed closely by Illinois, Indiana, then Texas at Number Four.  More than half of us plan to attend a Super Bowl party. The biggest party poopers are in Alaska, followed by South Dakota and Alabama. If the  Tide doesn't win a national championship, they just lose the football appetite altogether.

This poll asked some other crucial questions about game day. For example, The average Super Bowl Party attendee will drink an average of 3.9 drinks. It's a good thing I'm not in that poll because I think I would have thrown the average way off all by myself.

Concept of the cost of craft beers

Only 6.9% plan to watch the game at a sports bar or restaurant. 63.5% say they will attend a party, while the rest say they'll host.

What are the biggest snacks at the parties this year?

#1 Chips and Dip (Corn dip is tops in Texas if you believe google. We've already covered that

Google Says This Is Texas Most Searched Dip

#2 Wings

#3 Burgers and Sliders

#4 Chili

#5 Cheese and Crackers.

Finally, the poll asked Americans what is the MOST important part of the Super Bowl. 39.2% said the game, 29.7 answered the commercials, 20.6% said the halftime show, and 10.5 said the food.

Sliders with veggie tray

So by all measures, it would seem we're all getting set for a great game day party here in San Angelo. If you need excuses for why you won't be able to go to work on Monday, just message me. I know them all.

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