When we sat down with the Vamps for a game of Pop Dive, we weren't quite sure what to expect. You see, we grew up in the United States and these guys are British, so they were bound to make some pop culture references that our editors might not relate to. (Case in point: Busted. Sorry, guys! They just weren't that well-known across the pond.)

Luckily, one of our all-time favorite Disney movies made its way into the conversation. Watch the video above to find out which member of the Vamps is still scarred by having 'The Lion King' confiscated by his parents when he was a kid. Plus, see their first album purchases, who the boys' first celebrity crushes were -- although one of them prefers to "just go for women on the street" -- and which songs remind them of their first relationships.

You'll learn all of that and more about Brad, James, Tristan and Connor's pop culture pasts in this enlightening round of Pop Dive. Enjoy the video!

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