The return of Australia's resident twin sister pop-rock duo is nigh: On May 26, The Veronicas teased new music, sharing a snippet of an unreleased (and yet untitled) track on Instagram.

Hinting at a return to the more electro-pop leanings of their 2007 crossover album Hook Me Up rather than their signature punky, rock-tinged pop, the video clip features an upward-panning shot of the girls wearing racing helmets and stylish motocross gear—well, if that sort of clothing included thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings.

The teaser doesn't divulge many clues about the lyrical content of the mystery song, only offering a few seconds of Lisa or Jessica trilling melodically above swirling, moody electronics and a trap-lite beat. Combined, the music and visual remind us of another '00s international pop duo, giving off a subtle t.A.T.u. vibe — the Russian act's 2009 "Snowfalls/Snegopady" video, in particular.

As for when fans can expect to hear the sisters' new track in full? "Soon," they say. Watch and listen below:

The Brisbane-based duo's previous self-titled record was released in 2014 after the girls signed to Sony. Seven years prior, The Veronica's second studio album, Hook Me Up, was released, spawning the radio hit "Untouched." The track become their first single to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, eventually hitting No. 17 in the United States.

The Veronica's fourth studio album is expected to release this year.

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