A new poll this week found that 66% of Americans say they would do "nearly anything" to get rid of bugs at home. That included whole house fumigation, putting glue traps everywhere, and even using a whole can of bug spray at once. More than half say they've considered moving because of bug infestations.

For some of us, this would also be true of in-laws.

Most shocking of all, this poll of two-thousands adults also found that 33% of Americans say they have actually thought about burning down their own home after finding bugs.  I wonder if the guys from Farmer's Insurance have seen that "thing or two"?

Here in San Angelo, we are no strangers to insect invaders. The folks at Bug Express have made many emergency visits to our studios to get rid of bugs.  When you have sensitive equipment, you can't have bugs.  Even more importantly, when you have sensitive people who are often live on air in front of thousands, you also can't have sudden bug induced screams.

So what are the top insect pests that afflict West Texas?  Here is our top 10.

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