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This was a very scary situation for a Texas deputy who was helping a stranded motorist, whose car had broken down alongside a roadway.

The dashcam video come from Harris County Precinct 5 in Houston. You can watch the video below. The video shows that as vehicle approaches the deputy, he turns his flashlight on and off in the direction of the driver. Apparently, the driver did not see or ignored the flashing light.

The vehicle came rushing at the deputy and he made a split-second decision to jump over a barricade to narrowly avoid being struck by the vehicle. There were two other people near the deputy who came close to being hit by the driver as well.

The deputy, identified as Aaron Gonzales, was taken to the hospital after sustaining a serious back injury but he is expected to make a full recovery. The driver was later arrested and charged with 2 felonies including driving while intoxicated.

That is one powerful video. Thank God Deputy Gonzales will be okay and nobody else was seriously hurt by this reckless driver.

The video is just an example of the dangers of drinking and driving. When you're drinking your abilities become impaired. One of those abilities is making quick judgements and being able to react fast. It's apparent from the video above the driver was not able to quickly react to the people in the road and the deputy's flashing light.

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