This one is very fitting for Halloween. A TikToker and her grandmother discovered a secret room under the bed in their hotel room. The pair noticed the carpet was cut directly below the bed and curiosity led them to see what was down there. They probably wish they hadn't looked.

Queue the spooky, dramatic music...

Apparently, there was an entire secret room located beneath the bed their hotel room, something that gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about. The room doesn't have any pipes or wiring in it, leading one to believe it isn't just some kind of crawl space.

It's likely that it is nothing sinister and perhaps was used for something else at some point, but the fact that is it directly underneath their bed is rather odd. I've seen too many horror films to feel comfortable with the idea that someone could easily crawl out from under my bed and snatch me up in the night. Not cool...

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Was someone up to no good when this room was created? Or was it simply a coincidence that it happens to be right underneath the bed? Was it an escape room of sorts? Was it used as a bomb shelter in the old days? Some of the commenters online made a few comparisons to the movie Psycho and the fact that there were tunnels beneath the bedrooms of the Bates Motel.

Whatever the case, a secret room discovered underneath your hotel bed is a fun one for the spookiest month of the year. Happy sleeping!

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