Vin Diesel. Actor. Artist. Movie star. Driver of cars. Giant steel alien. Smaller alien that looks like a sentient tree. Renaissance man.

And now, pop star.

You read that correctly, and now you will hear that correctly, for better or worse. With movies pretty much on hold for the foreseeable future, Diesel is pivoting to music. He debuted his debut single, “Feel Like I Do,” just premiered on the latest installment of The Kelly Clarkson Show. And there is video of the momentous occasion.

In it, Diesel says he is “blessed” that during a year when he can’t be on a movie set he still has “another creative outlet, another way to show you or share with you, my heart.” (Music, he’s talking about music, guys.)

Watch Diesel’s new song, which contains his heart, below:

The pandemic — and the virtual audience of people dancing alone in their homes on screens staggered around an empty stage — really enhances the surreal nature of the whole affair. 2020 continues to blow my mind every single day.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of Diesel’s album. I hope there is a beautiful love ballad about NOS. F9: The Fast Saga, which I pray to every god of every religion contains a plot song performed by Vinny Deez, is scheduled to open in theaters on April 2, 2021.

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