Dear Magic 98.7 VIP Club member,

We want to let you know about some exciting changes and improvements coming to Magic 98.7’s VIP Club.

We’ve received a great deal of feedback from members who have asked for faster and easier ways to get access to the amazing prizes and VIP experiences regularly available to Magic 98.7 VIP Club members.

In response, we will be discontinuing the points system as part of the Magic 98.7 VIP Club. Beginning April 15th, the Magic 98.7 VIP Club will no longer require points to enter sweepstakes or receive benefits. Instead, they will be available to all VIP Members equally. In the months ahead, we will also be introducing many more exclusive perks that come with simply being a Magic 98.7 VIP Club member, including special events, contests, coupons, giveaways, ticket presales and much more.

As of today, there are no longer opportunities to get new points, and on April 15th all Magic 98.7 VIP Club points will expire. However, we have a number of fantastic giveaways running through April 15th that are available only to Magic 98.7 VIP Club members who have earned points as a thank you for your loyalty. Here are some of the exclusive opportunities to use the remainder of your points:

We appreciate your help in making the Magic 98.7 VIP Club experience as great as possible — it will become even better than ever, we promise — and thank you for being a loyal listener of Magic 98.7.

The Magic 98.7 Team