Dating is tricky.  Sometimes, you just need to break out of the norm and do something daring and creative.  A new TikTok dating trend is going viral and it definitely fits the bill.  It's called U-Haul dating.

It's a simple concept.  Rent a U-Haul truck for date night.  Take your date to dinner, then hang out in the back of the U-Haul.  You can make it comfy by adding an air mattress or some fold up furniture.

You can have refreshments, then close the back and have cozy time on the mattress.  It's even better if you park your U-Haul by your favorite lake or scenic location in San Angelo.  You could maybe watch the sun go down.

Apparently, the whole idea was first put forward by a guy in Fresno, California in 2020 who wanted to go on a "pandemic date" during the Covid outbreak. From there, the trend picked up some occasional mentions.  Lately, it has really started taking off.

The best part: It's not that expensive. A U-Haul truck generally rents for 19.95 a day plus gas and mileage.  Of course, you might want to get the extra insurance in case things get a little carried away. It is also a good idea to clean up afterwards.  I believe U-Haul charges for undo stickiness, but you will have to read over your rental agreement carefully.

I'm sure San Angel U-Haul employees, Bobby Hinojosa and Derek Duclos, would be glad to help you.  They won't judge.  At least not to your face.

Photo: Joseph Browning
Photo: Joseph Browning

It might also be a good idea to remind you that those trucks aren't very soundproof, so you wouldn't want to do your date night in a high traffic location where someone might be inclined to complain about your "noises".



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