It's a collaboration that no one knew we needed: Fall Out Boy and WandaVision.

In a viral TikTok, self-proclaimed Disney fan Edith Gervin (@eejitgherkin) took Fall Out Boy's hit 2015 single "Uma Thurman" and remixed it with "Agatha All Along" from the hit Disney+ show WandaVision. The result is a seamless mashup that proves that two songs belong together in any multiverse.

Her remix begins with the the bridge from "Uma Thurman" — which conincidentally samples the theme song from classic 1960s television show The Munsters, one of the influences for WandaVision — before progressing into Agatha Harkness' diabolically catchy theme song. (Seriously, it's a bop.)

***Spoilers below***

During WandaVision's seventh episode, the character of Agatha "Agnes" Harkness was revealed to be the Marvel villain behind the problems plaguing the town of Westview. Disney even gave Agatha her very own theme song which shows just how much terror Agatha was responsible for.

Listen to the original "Agatha All Along," below:

"Uma Thurman," which name checks the titular Pulp Fiction actress, was released off FOB's American Beauty/American Psycho album. The song is so popular among fans that it has now been certified 2x Platinum.

Listen to Fall Out Boy's "Uma Thurman," below:

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