TikTok food trends are known far and wide. The latest trend is pancake spaghetti. What is pancake spaghetti?

Pancake spaghetti was invented by Steven Archuleta, a retired Army infantryman with a geography degree. He always thought, if he ever went viral, it would be when he invented something with his 3-D printer. Archuleta is on a mission to develop a more environmentally friendly solar-powered battery.

He could have never imagined that a simple breakfast food invention, meant to entertain his kids, would ever be as viral as pancake spaghetti.

As Archuleta explains to Today reporter, Heather Martin, the morning he invented spaghetti pancakes, he was trying to make unusual pancakes, maybe in a pumpkin shape. He had made spaghetti the day before, so that gave him an idea.  So he buttered his griddle, put the batter in a baggie with a tiny hole and piped long strings of pancake batter on the griddle.

The result is now an international sensation. His TikTok video featuring spaghetti pancakes now is approaching ten million views.

Pancake spaghetti can be served with blueberry compote, powdered sugar, fruit or even sausage "meatballs"  Many people top them with maple syrup as their "spaghetti sauce". Reaction on the TikTok is overwhelmingly positive, although it can take a bit of trial and error to get them just right on the griddle. Even noted TikTok Chef "chefreactions" gave his thumbs up on pancake spaghetti.

As Archuleta has observed, anyone can make pancake spaghetti and many are talking about whipping up the treat on Christmas morning as a nod to that moment in the movie "Elf and Buddy" where the Elf made his special maple syrup spaghetti.

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In the follow-up TikTok, Archuleta gives some pointers on how to make the dish perfectly. It's a good idea to watch before you try it yourself.

Breakfast may never be the same.  Bon Appetit.

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