If all goes as planned, in the next three months there is a new Venom movie and a new Spider-Man movie coming to theaters. Venom: Let There Be Carnage opens next month; Spider-Man: No Way Home follows in December. In Marvel Comics, these characters are inextricably linked. Onscreen, they’ve yet to meet, or even acknowledge each other’s existence. Fans are understandably curious whether the timing of these movies is coincidental, or whether it could perhaps foreshadow that the two franchises — both produced by Sony — may merge at some point in the future.

According to Venom: Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis, the Spidey/Venom team-up (or fight) is only a matter of time. In an interview with IGN, Serkis matter of factly stated “of course, it's going to happen,” when asked about whether Spider-Man and Venom may some day collide. He cautioned, though, that it might be wise to hold off on having them meet too quickly, explaining:

It depends when you want to get there, and also, what the appetite is. If people want more Venom stories, then, to jump straight to Spider-Man, you could be missing out on so many great supervillain characters in between now and then. So in a way by rushing to it, you might be closing the door. Whereas if people are loving the world, then I think all those other characters that are there in the canon, in the lore of Venom — for instance, all of the supervillains in Ravencroft and their institute for the criminally insane — there could be some fantastic stories.

Unless Serkis has an incredible poker face, it doesn’t sound like you should expect to see Tom Holland make a cameo in Let There Be Carnage. But at least you can rest assured that the guy who directed the Venom sequel truly believes that some kind of crossover movie between Spidey and Venom will happen. Eventually.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is currently scheduled to open in theaters on October 1. You can watch Serkis’ full interview with IGN below.

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