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With spring upon us in Texas, more and more Texans will be searching for great places to fish. Whether it's out on a lake or even one of the local lakes in Lubbock, people enjoy fishing. In fact during the last two years of the pandemic, fishing along with other outdoor activities saw a boom in sales and interest.

Texas has a ton of places to fish, and for many it's a decision that comes down to travel time and where the good spots are to fish. Those who have been fishing their entire lives have their own favorite spots and their own tips and tricks, but did you know that the Texas Parks and Wildlife also provides a little insight into where the fish are biting?

The Texas Parks and Wildlife website updates each week their fishing report site. Fishing reports are normally updated by Thursday morning and the information is collected by a third party who spoke with fishing guides, marinas, and bait shops.

As of March 24th, here is this week's fishing report about Lake Alan Henry according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife:

GOOD. Water clear; 52-54 degrees; 4.92 feet low. Windy weather has the fish scattered all across the lake. Fishing should improve with the warm forecast as we head into the weekend. Crappie are fair on minnows and good on jigs in 4-30 feet of water. They will begin to spawn when water temperatures get up to around 60 degrees. Bass are good. Catfish are slow on liver, fresh cut bait and live perch. Randy Britton, Lake Alan Henry Crappie Guide.

An often overlook service from TPWD is that you can sign up for these weekly fishing reports to be emailed to you. It's a great service that is free and can even serve as a reminder to go fishing.

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