Father's Day is coming up this Sunday. For many, celebrating it is much more complicated than Mother's Day.

I loved my dad. Yet, it always seemed complicated for me to show him. My mom constantly told me to "Go hug your dad."  I think the only time we ever hugged was when she said that.

Now that he's gone, I would give anything to hug him again. One of the most touching songs ever about a Father's Love was by the late Luther Vandross "Dance With My Father Again."

Many stats prove that Father's Day in the United States isn't as celebrated as much as Mother's Day. In Father's Day's defense, it did not become an official holiday until 1972. Mother's Day was created in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, and President Woodrow Wilson declared it a national holiday in 1914.

The National Restaurant Association says Mother's Day is the Busiest Day of the Year. Father's Day lags at number three.

A new survey from retail services provider Citi Retail finds that fewer people plan to celebrate Father's Day in 2023, 55% vs. 65% For Mother's Day. The study also found that women plan to celebrate Father's Day at a higher rate than men, 58% vs. 48% of men.

When asked in the LendEDU survey which holiday is more critical, Mother's Day or Father's Day, 24.2% said Mother's Day, and only 1.8% said Father's Day. The rest, 74%, said "neither." They are equally important. That is not true overall if retail spending on both holidays is considered.

Another interesting finding in this poll, nearly two-thirds of responders say they would be open to combining Mother's Day and Father's Day into one holiday: Parents' Day.

That's one way to keep everything equal.

Here in San Angelo, there are a number of great events to celebrate Father's Day. They start on June 15th with Pops and Pints at several downtown local businesses from 5p until 8p. The Angry Cactus is having the Chef's Father's Day Brunch from 10a-3p on Sunday.

Father's Day activities are also at Troubadours Bar and Grill, Plateau Brewing Company and Karaoke Brunch at Urbal Salt.

Ultimately, Father's Day continues to lag behind Mother's Day in 2023. Ironically, spending is almost the same per person. It is no wonder. Traditional Father's Day gifts like tools and electronics are generally more expensive.

Ultimately, making your dad happy on his special day isn't about what you buy. It is about showing him that you care and hugging him without anyone telling you that you should. Give him an extra hug for me.

I would give anything to hug my dad again.

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