After leading off his ‘#willpower’ album by proclaiming himself ‘T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever),’ aims to present a more universal message on the record’s second single, ‘This Is Love,’ an up-tempo pop song with hip-hop and electronic elements.

‘This Is Love’ features the vocals of Eva Simons, who co-wrote and sang on Afrojack‘s breakthrough hit ‘Take Over Control.’ The track opens quietly with will backed up on piano as he sings about finding love tonight. The pace picks up with the arrival of Simons, who asks, “Can you feel the love?

The song, reportedly produced by Swedish House Mafia‘s Steve Angello, surges ahead with a pulsing beat that leads into will’s rap verse in which he announces that his love is not for a special woman, but for music itself: “This is love for the beats, feel it in the streets / Love for the melody, notes on the sheets / The dope crusader, funky terminator / I created me a rocket just so we could rock it later / And the way the beat is knocking got me feelin’ alright / Cause the DJ got me walking on the ceiling all night.”

The singer/rapper goes on to proclaim his love not just for violins and cellos, but also for “the computer beats, harder than metal.

The verdict? We like ‘This Is Love’ and its sunny melody better than ‘T.H.E.,’ mostly thanks to Simons, whose vocals carry the tune and make it sound like a poppier Black Eyed Peas song. ‘#willpower’ is expected to drop soon but still does not have a confirmed release date.


Listen to’s ‘This Is Love’

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