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Watching TV While Eating Results in Overeating 

A new study conducted by the University of Sussex revealed that watching TV while eating prevents people from realizing when they're full, resulting in overeating. Researchers say the more our brains lock in on something and our attention is captured, the less it's able to tell when we should stop eating. (via StudyFinds)

Kanye West Says He's the 'New Moses'

Kanye is back at it with another one of his Twitter rants, and this time, he's going after Sony and Universal. He says that he won't be releasing new music until they let him out of his recording contract. He also compared the music industry and the NBA to "modern day slave ships," and believes that artists and basketball players should break free from their business contracts and buy land and property instead. (via TMZ)

Woman Cuts Off Her Own Hand to Get Insurance Money

A woman named Julija Adlesic allegedly cut off her own hand in an attempt to collect $1 million in an insurance fraud scheme. Adlesic and her boyfriend reportedly came up with a plan to collect payouts from the multiple insurance policies that they had take out on her that totaled around $1.16 million. The couple decided to cut off her hand with a circular saw and claim it was an accident that happened as she was cutting branches. However, after an investigation, the police discovered it was all a scheme and they were both arrested for fraud. (via Complex)

Bear Nudges Man Awake

A man in Greenfield, MA was lying out by his pool taking a nap when a small black bear got into his backyard. The man woke up when he felt something tapping on his foot. Spoiler alert: It was the bear! (via WOKQ)

Lil Nas X Is Releasing a Children's Book

Lil Nas X says he's dropping a country music-themed illustrated children's book early next year. See his announcement, below:

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