This apparent associate of the infamous MS-13 gang goes by several nicknames:  "Cherry," "Karlita," "Missy," and "Foxy." She also has a tattoo on the upper left side of her chest that reads "Alicia."

However, her birth name is Karla Jackelin Morales and she is wanted by Harris County authorities. Morales has black hair and brown eyes and is 5 feet tall with a heavier build.

She is accused of luring a Texas man to a brutal death carried out by five members of MS-13 or "Mara Salvatrucha 13, [...] a transnational gang that originated in Los Angeles. The gang thrives in El Salvador and is known for extreme violence," reports abc13.

And that reputation for extreme violence was on display yet again in July of 2018 when Morales allegedly lured 24-year-old Jose Alfonso Villanueva out of his home after promising him marijuana for his birthday.

Villanueva then got into a vehicle with Morales and two members of MS-13 who then drove him to a field that was around 500 feet from an elementary school in Spring, Texas--a suburb north of Houston. Once there, Villanueva was attacked with a machete, one of the signature MS-13 weapons.

What caused members of MS-13 to target the 24-year-old Jose Alfonso Villanueva?

Abc13 reports:

 Francisco Amadeo Flores-Salazar later told authorities that he slashed and hacked the 24-year-old at least twice with a machete causing him to try to crawl away. Other MS-13 members then gunned down Villanueva because he was allegedly connected to a rival gang.


He also allegedly made derogatory remarks about the gang during a rap music battle.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said:

"She helped plan and plot this vicious execution, and somebody out there knows where she is hiding. You can do the right thing by helping deliver justice for (Jose Alfonso Villanueva's) family, and you can collect a reward for your efforts."

Morales was scheduled to appear in court in October of 2021, but cut off her ankle monitor five days prior to her date and has been on the run ever since. The Harris County DA has offered a $5,000 reward for anyone who can provide information on her whereabouts.

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